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Our Lovely Little Tea Shop

A Proper Cup, which seats 30, enhances your visit to our store as well. In addition to being able to offer our guests their own pot of freshly brewed tea or Stumptown coffee, we often create special treats themed to an event, such as Newbery Award cupcakes at a Rebecca Stead/Patricia Reilly Giff event, or cupcakes sporting color images of book jackets for a launch party.

We offer free wifi making us a great place for hardworking writers. Our delicious treats also make this the ideal place to do homework and avoid the struggles!

Mainly our tea shop furthers the mission of our store in that it encourages families to slow down and enjoy the creation of happy memories of connection.  For those on the go, we do offer take out.

A large or small package of fresh leaf tea makes a beautiful gift with a small porcelain teapot.

Ask about our baby showers, tea for grown up friends and book clubs, in addition to our children's birthday parties. 

Pls. note, A Proper Cup closes 1/2 hour before the closing of

The Voracious Reader.

Menu of a Proper Cup 

Teas, Hot or Iced


Black Tea

Earl Grey

English Breakfast

Irish Breakfast

Cream Earl Grey

Lapsang Souchong Butterfly


Green Tea

Jasmine with Flowers

Pomegranate Hibiscus

Long Island Strawberry

Kyoto Cherry Rose

Herbal Tea/ Rooibos

DECAF Egyptian Chamomile

DECAF Strawberry Kiwi

DECAF Belgian Chocolate Rooibos

DECAF Rooibos Provence

DECAF Peppermint

Try our CHAI


Cold Brew Coffee


Iced (may also be topped with a scoop of Jane's Cappuccino ice cream!)



Blueberry Lemonade


Winter Drinks

Hot Mulled Apple Cider

Traditional Hot Cocoa

White Hot Chocolate with  Crushed Peppermint Topping


Bottled Water

Baked Treats and Ice Cream


Red Velvet

Vanilla with Chocolate Icing

Chocolate with Vanilla Icing

Pumpkin Cheesecake   



Seasonal Decorated Cookies

Linzer Bar

Lemon Bar



Lemon Almond

Cranberry Orange

Chocolate Chip


Seasonal Cake Pops


Jane's Small Batch All Natural Ice Cream

Apricot Orange Blossom


Caramel Apple Spice

Chocolate Cherry Chunk

Coconut Almond Joy

Cookies and Cream

Killer Chocolate

Mango Sorbet

Mint Chip

Raspberry Sorbet



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