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For Educators, Librarians & PTA Leaders

We are eager to help you bring authors and illustrators to your classroom, auditorium or library. Many authors require a fee, while others, when promoting a new book for example, are willing to come to your school or library providing a certain number of books are purchased. 

If you have arranged to have an author visit we are also happy to provide book sales for your event, Typically we will prepare flyers to send home with your students for ordering, then show up with books just before the event. When doing this with schools it is usually through the PTA and a portion of proceeds goes towards the PTA as our way of saying thank you.

We send out a seasonal newsletter highlighting both local and touring authors to book these events well in advance. Please let us know if here is a particular author or curricular theme for which you'd like us to offer suggestions.

We also host in-store events with knowledgeable reps from leading publishing companies who present their upcoming books. We provide educators who purchase books on those evenings a generous discount, giveaways of teaching materials, posters and advance review copies of not yet published books.

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Know also, that we possess a NY State Vendors certificate and number so that you may direct Purchase Orders our way and order books in bulk.

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