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Solana options

Cryptocurrency. Like most other blockchain platforms, the Solana network allows you to launch custom tokens with a unique exchange ticket and customizable specifications. These tokens can be native assets for blockchain applications or full-fledged cryptocurrencies in their own right.

Smart contracts. Thanks to the Sealevel protocol, Solana blockchain-based smart contracts are much faster than those on Ethereum and other blockchains. In addition, the Solana team has developed special compilers that allow smart contracts to be ported from Ethereum to Solana with minimal effort.

Non-exchangeable tokens (NFT). Solana can also be used to coin NFTs. And it will be much cheaper on Solana than on other blockchains. For example, minting NFTs on Ethereum may cost $50-100, while on Solana it will cost a couple of dollars at most.

Decentralized finance. Various decentralized financial services are becoming increasingly popular because they provide easier and more cost-effective access to traditional financial services such as loans, insurance and investments. The Solana platform makes such applications even more cost-effective, secure and reliable.

Corporate solutions. The Solana network can also be used to launch a variety of business solutions that will work within a single company and/or group of companies. For example, Solana can be used to develop a system for electronic medical records, an ERM system, or online banking.

Other applications. In addition to the options mentioned above, the Solana blockchain platform can be used for a number of other solutions, from cryptocurrency exchanges and investment platforms to video games and NFT marketplaces.

The advantages of developing on Solana and how to find an experienced development team to implement your ideas based on Solana blockchain:

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